Iyo group corporation

Iron & Steel Products

We will contribute to address diverse industrial needs, through procurement, supply and sales of iron and steel products and investment to processing and distribution businesses in Japan and abroad.

Mineral & Metal Resources

Through business development, investment and trading of mineral, metal resources and metals, we reinforce a stable supply of the resources and materials necessary for both industry and society.

Machinery & Infrastructure

We contribute to creating better lives through the long-term, reliable supply of social infrastructure such as electricity, gas, water,railways and other logistics infrastructure.


Our chemicals business encompasses trade and investment in a range of industries, from upstream chemicals such as basic chemicals, fertilizer resources, through to downstream chemicals .


Through upstream development, logistics and trading of energy resources such as oil, natural gas/LNG ,coal and uranium, we contribute to the stable supply of energy vital to both industry and society.


Adapting to changes in consumption and lifestyles while meeting consumers’ diverse needs, we provide value-added products and services, develop businesses and make investments in the fields of food resources.

Innovation & Corporate Development

Through our Iyo, Finance and Logistics business, we work on a diverse range of projects aimed at developing innovative business and expanding our business field.


Trading in various commodities led by overseas trading subisidiaries of offices located in the Americas area. One of ITCʼs chemical and petroleum product tanks (USA).

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Trading in various commodites led by overseas trading subsidiaries or offices located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa area.

Asia Pacific

Trading in various commodities led by overseas trading subsidiaries of offices located in the Asia Pacific area.

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