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Qu 1, What is Iyo group's management philosophy?

Qu 2, What is Iyo group's basic policy?

Qu 3, Please tell us about Iyo group's corporate governance system.

Qu 4, Could you explain about Iyo group's compliance system?

Qu 5, What are the key performance measures for Iyo group's management?

Qu 6, What is Iyo group's dividend policy?

Iyo   group


An 1, Please refer to "Misson Vision Values".

An 2, Please refer to "CSR".

An 3, Please refer to "Corporate Governance".

An 4, Please refer to "Compliance and Risk Management".

An 5, EBITDA, Profit for the Year and Core Operating Cash Flow.

An 6, Please refer to "Dividends".

Operating Results &

Qu 1, How often and when do Iyo announce earnings results?

Qu 2, Where can I find Iyo group's past earnings results?

Qu 3, What is Iyo group's outlook for the year ending March 2017?

Qu 4, What are Iyo group's current credit ratings?

Financial Conditions

An 1, Please refer to "IR Calendar".

An 2, Please refer to "Financial Data".

An 3, We anticipate net income of ¥300.0 billion.

An 4, Please refer to "Credit Ratings".

Share &

Qu 1, Where is Iyo group's stock listed?

Qu 2, When are the record dates for dividends?

Listing Information

An 1, Please refer to "Share & Listing Information".

An 2, The end of March for year-end dividends and the end of September.


Qu 1, How many employees does Iyo have?

Qu 2, What are Iyo group's major subsidiaries and associated companies?


An 1, Please refer to "Corporate Profile".

An 2, Please refer to "Major Subsidiaries & Associated Companies".

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