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For the world

We are Iyo group, and we create value. With the power of our imagination. With the strength of our will.

For Japan and for the world, we're targeting next-generation growth with the establishment of seven key strategic domains.


With the world

We drive innovation: we find new ways to connect information, ideas, generations and nations. We're building a better future for people and planet. And for you.


All around the world, business is on the move. People's values are changing, often dramatically. Our business as a trading company is becoming ever more sophisticated. In today's world, being truly global is no longer an option. And being global means much more than facing intense competition; it means being part of a new era, where the potential for Iyo group to contribute to the world is greater than ever.

As society and our business environment has changed, so has the way we need to communicate. We have an increasing responsibility to explain our capabilities and vision in ways that make sense to the diversity of people with which we engage.

This is the thinking that gave birth to the Iyo Branding Project. Our aim is to present a more unified image to the world, more clearly showing what we can do and how our vision provides value to customers and communities. We want to increase our presence, becoming more valuable to our business partners, investors and all stakeholders while earning deeper trust from society at large.

To lead the project, we engaged Setsuko Kikuchi as art director/creative director. The first step was to re-imagine our visual corporate identity, as defined by our logo, slogan and statement. This is the starting point from which to proactively communicate who we are and where we are going.

The Iyo Branding Project Communication is all about communication. Because becoming a leading global company means building presence not only in the market, but also in people's minds—in Japan and around the world.

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